Saturday, April 19, 2014

Barnyard Birthday Bash/ DIY Birthday Milestone Poster

Birthday Milestone Poster made on PicMonkey
A lot has happened since I last blogged so I thought I would do a little catch up post today.  Well my little man turned one in October and he was blessed with an awesome birthday party at Hunt Club Farm.  Yeah I know he will not remember any of it.  But he will have plenty of pics and will know for sure how important that day was to a lot of folks.  Well I must confess I went a little bit overboard with planning his first shindig.  I started by making invitations on Picmonkey.
I was kinda set on having a Barnyard Birthday Bash so I was psyched when I found this great deal for a party on the farm for up to 40 people for $199.  Hunt Club Farm is awesome.  They included admissions to the petting farm, inflatable moon bounce, a nice sized room for the party and a gift for the birthday boy.  I was very pleased with how his party turned out.  We chowed down on chili with all of the fixins, fried chicken, mini pumpkin pies, cupcakes, candy apples, apple cider, mini glass bottle martinelli's for the kids and classic Cokes.  I drove my husband crazy with the task of finding a vintage wooden high chair for the birthday boy to have his smash cake in.  We finally found one for $25 on Craig's List the day before the party.  I found tons of party favors at the Dollar tree; Cowboy Hats, mustaches, bandanas etc.  The dollar bins at Michael's were gold mines as well.  They had barnyard activity placemats and barn favor boxes.

The birthday boy!

One last tip....making a Birthday Milestone Poster is a breeze with the help of PicMonkey.  Can't you tell I love PicMonkey.  Here's a simple DIY:

 First save a template of a chalkboard.  Here's one.
Then go to PicMonkey and edit the picture.  It's pretty easy from there on.   It's just trial and error.  Just gather up some fun facts about the birthday boy or girl and plug them in.  Save and go on over to OfficeMax and request an engineer print.  You can even download the file and send it online.  After that glue it on a foam board. I used a convenient glue stick and it worked out well.  That's all folks!  

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