Friday, March 29, 2013

It's been far too long!

Yes, it has been far too long friends! I haven't posted in such a long time.  The truth is I was a bit overwhelmed with the pregnancy and coping with Dystonia.  I had to focus all of my energy on keeping my little bundle of joy cooking for as long as possible.  I received a lot of emails from folks encouraging me to update them on the pregnancy and my health.  Well on October 30, 2012, I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world. I will have to update you all on the roller coaster ride that developed in a later blog post, but God is sooooo good!!! As I sit here now I have a gorgeous healthy 5 month old baby sitting in his bouncer.  He is the most happy, calm natured child ever.  I am truly blessed!  My Dystonia flare ups have been rather mild and quite sporadic (knock on wood).  Other than that life is crazy hectic, but I am taking it in stride.  I am looking forward to getting back on the ball and update you all on all the deets regarding Dystonia during pregnancy.  Ciao for now!!!

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