Monday, June 11, 2012

My Lovely Lady Bump, Lady Antebellum, Memories

It's Monday morning again. The weekend flew by and I guess the saying is true, "Time flies when you're having fun!"  Earlier this year I put steps into motion to truly enjoy this year.  As I reflected on the prior year I realized that other then my wedding, most of my memories were etched into my mind because of the pain associated with them. That really struck a chord with me and I vowed to change that.  So off I went devising a plan to create memories with my family.  For Valentine's Day I gave my husband a gift we could both share,  "Twelve Months of Dates".  We started off totally psyched every month to open a new envelope and reveal the date for the month.  I am ashamed to say we are a month behind.  Life got in the way as it usually does and our schedules did not permit date night.  So this month two dates are on the calendar and I can't wait to share the deets with you all when the time comes.   As for the children I learned to take time and make the ordinary mundane tasks a little extra special with spontaneity, patience and the help of awesome ideas I found on Pinterest.  Here are a few that were a hit!!!
Fill the room with balloons on morning of birthday!!
Tooth Fairy door.... Love

Letters from the "Tooth Fairy", so cute!!
Great source of inspiration!!!
Make bathtime fun by adding glowsticks!!!

Okay friends, since we are talking about memories. I will share with you the deets about my awesome weekend. A few days ago I posted that my husband surprised me with tickets to see Lady Antebellum.  Well I went last night and it was as great as I expected. Not many people know that I am a country music fan....sometimes I can't believe it myself.  Well Lady Antebellum is pretty much my fave band and my husband has earned a lot of bonus points with this surprise. Lady A put on a great show and their style of country music is just what I love, not in the least bit twangy, harmonious and full of energy.  Nonstop singing and screaming has my voice a little scratchy today but it was so worth it.  Oh and the baby must of enjoyed it as well because the kicks were nonstop.  Here's a 17 week belly pic and some pics from the concert.  Ciao for now friends!!!!

My 17 week lovely lady bump!!!
Darius Rucker!!!
Lady Antebellum

Singing fun!!!

"We Owned The Night" tour 2012


  1. You look gorgeous!
    I love your outfit! :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment!!!


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