Monday, June 18, 2012

Gender Reveal, Placenta Previa

Wow, I can't believe that my pregnancy is almost half way through!  Time is going by so fast but at times I find myself wishing it would go by just a little faster. Last Wednesday I went in for an ultrasound to measure my cervix.  Because of my Dystonia I have been having contractions and this ultrasound was to be a baseline measurement to compare to  later in the event my cervix begins to efface.  I went into the appt with a positive attitude hoping merely to get a peek at the baby's anatomy.  Well, I found out it is a BOY!!!!!  The news was a bit overshadowed by the fact that I found out I have placenta previa.  Uuuuugh!!!!!  Knowing that my mom had placenta previa when I was born premature and nearly died, kinda caused a bit of anxiety.  Anxiety that I do not need having Dystonia as well.  What is Placenta Previa?  According to, placenta previa means that your placenta is lying unusually low in the cervix.  The placenta is the organ that supplies your baby nutrients through the umbilical cord."

Source: BabyCenter
  I have read tons of forum posts from women,  which may not be such a great thing, that say their previa migrated up and they were able to deliver vaginally.    Other women like my mom have had severe bleeding which led to an emergency c-section and premature birth.  Yesterday, I began to bleed and immediately called my ob/gyn.  I was instructed to keep my legs up and go immediately to the hospital if I bleed any further.  So here I am today, feeling pretty good.  I have been taking it easy, as easy as I can with a house full of children, and praying I don't bleed anymore.  I really don't want to be on hospital bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.  I really need all of your prayers for my precious baby boy.  I am so in love with him already.  Many thanks, till next time:)

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