Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is here....Morning Ramblings

I woke up so many times last night.  Guess what was on my mind?!  This blog!!!  I haven't posted yet this month and it has been really workin' my nerves!  Friday's Vlog was postponed because of technical difficulties and this weeks report on my family's RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) took a backseat to me sitting in the E.R. again.  Friends I have really been feeling a lot better lately, but this past week was a challenge.  I really do think my dystonia gets worse with the bad weather, like a lot of ailments.  I just wasn't prepared for the twist, and turns to return with a vengeance.  As I sit at my computer this morning all is well.  So I must take advantage of it and update you wonderful people.

March is here!!!!  I am so excited!   There is something about the ushering in of sunnier, longer days that brings me pure joy!  Ahhh, spring is almost here...  On the first my husband opened his March envelope for our Twelve Months of Dates.  We were all prepped to enjoy a Spa Date at home, but we were pooped and fell asleep before we got a chance.  So we will have to schedule that date for a later time.  Basically I purchased all kinds of pampering items like facial masks, foot scrubs and polishers, massage bars, and bath fizzy thingamajigs. (Yes guys can get pampered too!!!)  It's been really stressful so this date is a must do, and I highly recommend it be included in your kit if you are doing the Twelve Months of Dates.  As for my baking haul Vlog, I will have to post that this Friday and I will have to update you all on our Random Acts of Kindness for Lent later today.  We have really been blessed with opportunities to bless others and I am so psyched to share with you all.  Well that's all folks, it's almost time to wake the kiddos.  Have an awesome day!!!


  1. I just started reading your blog and love the twelve months of dates idea!

    1. I love new readers!!! I'm so glad you liked the idea and hopefully will update everyone monthly with date ideas. Blessings and stop by again!!


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