Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Sunday, wonderful people!! This morning I stumbled upon this video on You Tube and was inspired!    Isn't this an awesome idea!!  Well the season of Lent started on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Holy Thursday.   I have been trying to think of something to do with the children to teach them about it.  Although I am a non-denominational Christian, I think it is a wonderful season to celebrate and pay tribute.  During Lent people usually abstain from an activity you enjoy, pray,  fast and pay penance.  So from now until Holy Thurday, we will perform random acts of kindness.  Giving back is so important and I want my children to learn how to be selfless at an early age.   While searching the web for some ideas I stumbled upon Tracy, who has a blog called TSJ Photography.  She did this with her children on the days leading up to Christmas.  Here's her version: Random Acts of Kindness. So we started today, and will do some pre-planned RAOK and others as the Lord presents opportunities to us.  Although we are a little late, Ash Wednesday was last week, we will make up for it and keep you guys posted.

Today we visited the Fire Station and gave them cookies, (Cranberry White Chocolate Chip) and thank you notes.  I decided to do this as our first RAOK because the paramedics and firefighters have been such a blessing to me.  On several occasions they have been dispatched to my home .  Although they were not too familiar with Dystonia, they were proactive in researching how to help me and did so quickly and courteously.  They are such a blessing!!!  My middle son even included a thank you for them responding so quickly when he had an asthma attack during school.

Hey Ari are you in there?
Armon having fun!!
Jey in the drivers seat!!
 We even got a tour.....the kids thought that was cool!!!

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"How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids" is an awesome book that encourages children to do random acts of kindness.  You can also purchase a "Random Acts of Kindness kit" on my Amazon Store page for those who aren't too crafty.  Either way I encourage you all to give this a try , you will feel such a sense of satisfaction to know you have made someone's day!  Stay posted to hear what other cool ideas the children and I come up with.  God bless and make someone smile today!!


  1. Found your blog on linky followers (still trying to figure that out!). I love this post - what a great thing you did with your children :). I'm off to see if I can find your bucket list now...

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I love to have visitors!! I am pretty new to Linky followers as well. Happy Blogging!!!

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and saying hi. I think you would like my son's blog too, he wrote about lent too!

    I'm following, so I will be back!


    1. Hello Stephanie!! Thanks for following and taking time out to stop by my blog! I am gonna check out your son's blog right now..


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