Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day.....Come on March!!!!

Happy Leap Day "Shiny Happy People"!!!  I have been waiting for March 1st, and was so disappointed to find out this year was a leap year.  Uuuugh!! I'm not trying to rush time but...well I guess I am. What is leap year exactly anyway?   I really have the spring itch!!  Is there such a thing as a springtime junkie?! Well if so I am she!!  Here's what I am so psyched for, I could just do flips!!

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  •  Are you as ready as I am to get your hands dirty?  I just love gardening, toiling in the soil.  Just waiting for the last frost to plant my seedlings.

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  •  I can't wait to trade in my trusty Uggs for my beloved flip-flops. (sidenote: get pedicure!!)  

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  • I even am looking forward to spring cleaning....such a rejuvenating time.

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  •  Although I suck at tennis, I am looking forward to hitting the court.

  •  And Oh do I yearn to go on an early morning springtime trail run...hopefully my legs will cooperate. 

  •  I also am really psyched I have several baking gigs this month....Cha Ching!!!!

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  • Oh, Daylight Savings Time, spring forward.....I just love longer days!!!

I am off to bed early folks....sweet dreams!!!


  1. I'm SOOOO looking forward to spring and Daylight Savings Time too!! : ) So glad you stopped by my blog and liked the bulletin board!

    Also, just in case you didn't know, you're a no-reply blogger so I couldn't email respond to your comment... you can find a tutorial to help you fix that here. You'll probably get lots more comments/replies to your comments from bloggers if you do that too! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

    1. Thanks for the letting me know, I just fixed it! So glad you stopped by!


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