Friday, January 6, 2012

My August DIY Wedding......Part One, The Dress

Alright I said I would share the details of my DIY wedding, that I planned in little over a month for all of you ladies who are as CRAZY as I am!  First of all, I do NOT recommend this!!! I was temporarily insane, lovesick, whatever you wanna call it!!!  I have always loved to orchestrate an event, and when I mean orchestrate I mean it.  From idea conception to its' delivery, I am consumed with it. I get pure "loco"!  With about a six week timeline we had to work quick and I was determined to be as frugal as possible. Since it was both of ours second marriage, I knew I wanted a small wedding, yellow and grey color pallet and decided on a "Southern Bohemian" feel,....whatever that means.  First things first I decided to buy a dress.  Now when something seems too good to be true people, it usually is.  But me in my sudden burst of optimism was ecstatic to find a GORGEOUS dress on Ebay for what seemed like a great deal.  My first warning sign was it was going to be handmade and shipped from China.  I emailed my measurements to the company and they replied sweet as pie in broken English, ensuring me of my dress being made in a timely manner and to my specifications. NOT!!!!! About a week and a half before the wedding I received the dress via some unknown delivery service in a little bag. (First gasp) "You mean to tell me they sent my wedding dress in a little bag?!"  As I opened it tears streamed my face and I was hysterical at the same time because I couldn't believe this was happening to me.  I immediately called my sister, tried the dress on and displayed it via Skype to her while she was in Greece.  It was horrid!!! The lace that was supposed to be an overlay was actually embroidered material. It looked like an elementary school costume.  I could have made this myself, now that's telling you something!  It reached my ankles, had no train, basically it was a HOT MESS!  After emailing back and forth that dress was sent back to China and I was refunded about three weeks later.  After some online investigation I found out the dress was a JHelm original and they were passing the photo off as their own. How shiesty is that?!

The advertised dress.
Okay, I must admit I had a slight mental breakdown and after assurance from my husband to be, we found a dress just right for me from Lord and Taylor online, with free shipping. WooHooooo!!  God is Good!   So the moral of the story is friends, especially you lovely brides to be, please do not make the same mistake...... remember I have warned you!!!!!!!

Part two: Finding a venue, DIY invitations, pasta bar, sweets table, Sunflower bouquet, Flower girl pomander, Wood Slices.....Stay tuned!!!  Check out my Amazon wedding store here!!!!

My just in the nick of time dress and a sweet kiss!!!!

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