Friday, January 6, 2012

My August Diy Wedding- the Venue

My youngest son Armon escorting me to the Altar....tear.

My son giving me away,  my husband and father in law.
Everyone is a sucker for a wedding and let me tell you, I cry at  every wedding I go to, see on tv, hear about....I'm such a sap. So when I finally got the opportunity to plan my own wedding I was overjoyed!  I knew it would be no easy feat but I knew it was doable and I had a "vision", as every bride does.  Well after hearing the details of my dress catastrophe, I am sure you are all eager to hear how I successfully pulled this thing off.  First things first, I must thank my now husband for his patience and optimism.  Without him we probably would of been going to the justice of the peace. I knew he really wanted his father who is a minister to marry us, those are memories that last a  lifetime.

Now for the deets!!!!  I am sure we all have heard the phrase, "Champagne taste on a beer budget", and that basically describes our situation.   Not being a newby to the event design arena, I knew it was possible and my "vision" will be expressed just as I imagined.

The Venue:   First of all we had to find a VENUE.!  Most wedding venues are booked at least a year prior to the event so I knew this was gonna be a tough hurdle.  With this being said we knew we would have to consider outdoor venues.  First we checked out some local parks that were rated online as best in the Hampton Roads Area such as Red Wing Park.  Well that idea was nixed as I passed a snake slithering onto the trail to the ceremony site   Next we checked out some other sites recommended by locals, either the prices were outrageous, they were unavailable or they were substandard.....I mean Elks Lodge bad.  So when I found the Smithfield Center online I was a little leery, but made an appointment anyway.  The commute to the venue, was a little far, after arriving we were pleasantly surprised.  We were greeted by very friendly staff and given a tour.  There was an area for our outdoor ceremony, an indoor banquet hall that seated up to 150 people, full kitchen,  a bridal suite for me to get dressed in, basically the building would be ours to use for the day.  Now this was all fine and dandy but when it came to the price we were a little overwhelmed.  Our tour guide suggested us having our wedding on a weekday which was about 200 dollars less.  What a blessing, minutes later contracts were signed and we officially had a spot.  What a what are we gonna feed these folks?  Here's the link to my Amazon Store, lots of wedding goodies!!!

My day of coordinator, Sherry Johnson and BFF.
Part three: The menu, tablescapes, centerpieces, etc....this is where I became "bridezilla".

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