Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Linkfest......What I do On Bedrest

Man don't you hate it when you have writer's block!  I rarely do, usually I just sit with my keyboard on my lap and the the words just flow from some small recess of my mind.  Sometimes it's like I'm not in control at all and the awesomeness that manifests has me in awe.  Today....I have been surfing the web, for some source of inspiration, if only to validate my self-confidence.  Anyway I have decided on a linkfest.  Yeah, I don't completely understand the concept on other blogs, so I am gonna just wing it and do my own thing.  Here's a peek at some of my favorite websites.  What sites do you cyberstalk daily?


Check it out here!!
Okay, if you haven't joined you must!!! It is a great sight that has tons of inspiration, whether it be about fashion, food, interior design, parenting..... I HEART it, and you will too!

Here are some awesome tips on things we should all know how to do in the kitchen., such as clean and debone  fish, sharpen knives, carve...pretty handy website!

I cyberstalk this website almost daily for design inspitation.  This one is addictive as well Enjoy!

I have loved this website and catalogue since my baking inception.  Here's a peek at my Valentine's Day cookie inspiration for 2012.
I am always looking for ways to make home more fun and this site has given me so many ideas. Bonus for all the moms out there!

Well my linkfest is done for today, Enjoy and share some links with me!!!

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