Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year All My Friends in the Blogosphere!!!!

I joined Pinterest and they have awesome  inspiration for all sorts of things. Love it!!

Happy New Year all my friends in the blogosphere!!!  Well I am actually kinda stoked about this year.  Medically I have lots of new appts and ideas on how to be more proactive about my dystonia.  In the past I have tried a gluten free diet, alkaline diet,"eat whatever you want to eat diet" and still cant identify triggers other than caffeine for my dystonia.  So I am gonna do it.......I cant believe it?!!!!! I am gonna try vegetarianism for as long as I can take it.  Now this is gonna be a hard task cause my hubby makes the best filet mignon...uugh.  But let me tell ya when I get my mind on something I am determined to give it a true try.  Wish me luck, and if you guys have any awesome recipes, hook me up!!!

Another thing I wanna get back into this year is running.  Last year I had a major setback with my dystonia.  And if you saw me hobbling around the house today you would think I am a serious glutton for pain, but it truly keeps me sane.  My muscles have atrophied at such a rapid rate, I must rebuild them.  I will have to take baby steps at first but bet my bottom dollar I will be racing this year, and the cause will be Distance for Dystonia.  I'm MOTIVATED!!!!!

 I hate to make new years resolutions, but I like to have a plan. For one I am coming up with all kind of awesome ideas for the kids birthdays this year.  I really want to ante up the fun factor in my house.  I want to dedicate myself to truly submit to my husband, I know this sounds wacky to a lot of you ladies. But I am trying to do what I believe will  allow me to have a long loving marriage.   I also am excited to keep on blogging and sharing with you my awesome wonders of  sugary lovin'.  Oh, and I am gonna take a lot more pictures this year......memories.  Well today is gonna be a two post day because I am super excited to share with you an awesome DIY.  Ciao for now!!!!

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