Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ease of Baking 3-D Cakes

Okay this is supposed to primarily be a blog about baking and my journey through trial and defeat in sugary excellence.  As you all may well know my Dystonia has made it rather difficult to do what I truly love, but I'm no wimp!!  With the help of my trusty Kitchenaid mixer-(thanks Titi Provi) I am able to save all the hard work for the piping and fondant decorations.  Well one of my very favorite cakes to bake are 3-D cakes.  If you are looking for the "wow" factor at your next children's birthday party you must give this one a try!!  In the past I published a blog about how to make a 3-D bear cake.

This was my sweet daughter's cake, I really winged this one.
 I also have made a 3-D Barbie cake for my daughter's first birthday. Totally easy, ok all you have to do is bake your cake in a Pyrex dish, get a Barbie and insert her top half into the bottom of the cake.  You may want to cover it with icing or fondant, believe me it truly is easy peasy!!!  I also found a You Tube video that may make it a little easier to understand.

Well for this year I am gonna really challenge myself in my current culinary pursuit.  I have been dying to make a Mad Hatter cake and am gonna invest in a class to finally explore the art of making sugar flowers. I've mastered the art of fondant flowers, check it out here.
Idea for my daughter's Mad Hatter Tea Party

 Attending pastry school has certainly been on my mind lately,  but we'll see what the Lord has in store for me this year.  I have been basically self taught, between you tube tutorials stalking Cake Central.  Anyway my fellow foodies I am so excited to have some great projects on the calendar for this year.  Check out my 3-D cake tutorial and comment if you have any questions, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!!  Happy Baking!!!!  Check out my Amazon Store here!!!

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