Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Governor's Pointe Farmers Market....Here I Come!!!!

Special announcement!!!!!!!! Inda's Sweet Creations is officially making its debut on the farmers market circuit!!!! Pray for me friends!!!!! I am soooooo excited and eager to share my treats with the world, well maybe not the world but "mi barrio"! My menu is set and my acrylic display case and custom made sign arrived from ebay.  I have decided to sell 4 cupcake flavors, Key Lime Pie, Banana Split, Chocolate Mocha, and Classic Vanilla Bean along with brownies and Raspberry Lemonade bars. Today I went on an unreal baking haul. If you live in Hampton Roads and love baking as much as I do please visit Wine and Cake Hobbies Inc. on Tidewater Dr.. This place is AWESOME!!! For thirty dollars I picked up a ton of cupcake wrappers, a flower plunger, couplers, awesome piping tips, a tablecloth, doilies, and a table skirt.  Yes I was giddy with excitement, I'm not joking this is serious stuff!  Well this post wont be a long one because I have a ton of baking to do. Don't worry I will post a slew of photos and recipes after opening day!! In the meantime friends, please support your local farmer's markets. What's better than fresh local produce, handmade baked goods and one of a kind artwork and crafts created right in your neighborhood?!  If you live in the Hampton Roads area and are looking for somewhere to take the family on a Friday evening, come on out!!!  Check out this link to here the deets about how I prepared for the Farmer's Market!!!

Governor's Pointe Farmers Market
The Shoppes on the Village Green
located in North Suffolk off of 17 near Smithfield Gardens
Fridays 5-8:30pm

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  1. Hey there, will you be out there this friday? Amelia's Heirlooms would really like to give you your rosary in time for the big day. Please drop us a line. You have our card, but you can also contact us at


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