Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tea Time: My honey pot, Yogi Tea and Dystonia

My recent discovery Yogi tea.....awesome!!! See my little honey pot to the right....awesome!!!
 Hola friends it's tea time!  I am a recent tea convert....well maybe not convert cause I LOVE me some cafe con leche.  I just never realized how good for you tea really is. Living in the south I have come to enjoy a glass of iced cold sweet tea on a hot summers day. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome tea was for your health?!  About a month ago I was doing some research on a medical condition I have called Dystonia.  Last year was a tough year medically and I was determined to be proactive with my health.   I read on one particular health forum that a woman's Dystonia was in remission after detoxing her body. Having  tried a bevy of medicines and diets for Dystonia, I was willing to try almost anything to get relief.  So off I went to my trusty Harris Teeter and purchased a box of Yogi Detox Tea.  This Tea is awesome!!!!!  First of all it has a wonderful spicy blend of all natural herbs.  Each bag comes with a little note of encouragement on it, something to brighten up your day.   I don't know if it's the placebo effect but I seem to have less dystonic reactions on the days I drink it.  This truly is a good thing! I have read that detoxing can be hazardous if done wrong, like anything.  But in moderation can be really beneficial in purging your body of all the junk we consume. So give it a try!  And to those out there living with Dystonia, be encouraged, be proactive about your health and don't give up!!

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