Monday, May 23, 2011

My Balcony Container Garden!!!

Don't you love when your heart smiles!  When the worries of life become insignificant for a mere second. I relish these moments and find them in the most unexpected places. After a long winter, the arrival of spring beckons in a sunny countenance in my household.  From the first peeking Crocus out of the snow and the welcoming meander of the Forsythia I become obsessed with gardening.  Living in an apartment does present a challenge when you love gardening as much as I do.  This year I have decided to create a lil bit of heaven right outside my door.  During my trips to my local nurseries I scoped out some beautiful balcony planter boxes that were completely out of my budget. Well on a whim I along with my handsome Beau visited Smithfield Garden Center.   Love at first sight!! The heavens opened up and before my eyes lay a little balcony planter box waiting for me just within my budget. I even  had enough to purchase a sweet potato vine.  Okay it wasn't that dramatic but I was ecstatic! So here's a peak of what I scored...

My sweet lil balcony planter box.  From left to right, Sweet Potato
Vine, Verbena, Geraniums, and Calibroachoa.

Now begins the hunt for the perfect lil bistro set. Hello Craigs List!!!!

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