Monday, May 23, 2011

Insomnia's delight!!!

Woke up tonight with cookies and brownies on my mind.  The sad truth is lately I have been struggling with insomnia simply because I have a lot on my mind.  And tonight is no exception. You see I have been tossing around the possibility of taking my baked good on the road, well to my local farmer's market.  My mind is always reeling with recipes, ideas for new cupcake flavors, packaging woes. Tonight as I lay in my bed visions of the ultimate brownie lay in my head. I'm serious I have issues! Imagine a delicate fudgy delight of brownie bliss. Laced with mini chocolate chips, topped with mini M&Ms, and white chocolate chips, the" Ultimate Candy Shop Brownie" Yeah, that's what I will call it. Oh and for the cookies. Hmm lets see. Well I have just the recipe. In fact I think I will share it with you guys and gals in the morning. It is a Strawberry Shortcake Cookie. This cookie is summertime all wrapped up in one bite. Hey guys check out my cookie jars! I have a thing for jars.   When my jars are full I am a happy woman!!! Ciao for now!


  1. What a lovely sight. I think you should absolutely take your baked goodies on the road. Someone who day dreams of brownies fudgey goodness MUST share her talents. Remember, Martha started out with a table of baked goodies at the entrance of one store or another. Thank you for visiting the blue shed. I will be back to see what you are baking up. Robin

  2. Thanks for stopping by Robin and I really appreciate the encouragement! Happy Blogging!!!!


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