Monday, August 25, 2014

Craftsy Classes

Hi guys!! It's been a long time, I know!  This summer is almost over and I have no great pics, stories or a suntan to show for it. Nothing... other than the fact that we moved into a 3 level townhouse that I LOVE!!!! We are so blessed to have more space for the kiddos!  It was time for a lil' upgrade.  God is so good!!!  The boys have the entire third floor master suite to themselves.  Can you imagine how stoked they are?  An entire floor to themselves!  My husband and I have a cozy bedroom adjacent to the littles and I am quite content with that.  The best part of the whole deal is the spacious kitchen I have to bake in.  Now that we are settled,  I can't wait to get back to working on my baking skills.  That's where Craftsy comes in.  Have you heard about Craftsy?  While going through my Pinterest feed one day I discovered the blog of Jessiecakes. She creates wonderfull modern cakes.  I love all of her cake designs and her blog is so inspirational and heartwarming.  I was so pleased to find out that she shares her techniques on a site called Craftsy.  So I ventured on over to the site. Click below to check out all of the great classes offered.

I am so excited to start this class.  Jessica Harris teaches her waxed-paper transfer method and how to create cake sculptures easily.  It is currently on sale for $19.99.  Check back for a full review when I am done with the course.  

Valerie Valeriano and Christina Ong are the instructors of the "Innovative Buttercream Cakes" class. This class is $39.99 so I am gonna wait til it's on sale.  But this class is definitely on my radar.

Aren't these cakes precious!!! I love the arts and crafts inspiration here!!!  Zoe Clark is the awesome instructor and this course is $39.99.  As you can see I have caught the bug and am really eager to learn new skills and techniques.  Being self taught, I have come up with my own techniques.  To be perfectly honest I don't know how much technique is involved.  It's been mostly trial and error.  So for all of you novice cake bakers like me, check out a Craftsy class.  Oh.... how could I forget?  They even offer FREE mini courses!!  Give them a will not be disappointed!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Throwback: 4th of July Cake

I was going through my cake gallery on Facebook and came across this 4th of July cake.  Oh my goodness!! This cake was a mess but I learned a lot during the process.  Here's what I learned!!!
  • Be sure to use "food safe" wire, preferably 22 gauge
  • The wire should not come in contact with food.  Place wires in coffee stirrers with a bit of royal icing.
  • Roll fondant very thin in order for stars to stay put on wire. 
  • Allow fondant stars to dry out a bit before placing them in cake.
This is why I love cake decorating!!  I have learned so much during the process, mostly by trial and error.  Give it a try today!!  What do you have to lose!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Graduation Cap Cake

Boy am I happy to be done with cake!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I love this hobby of mine.  But until I deliver a cake unscathed, I am a bit of a wreck!!!  Well you guys are in for a treat today. I am sharing a link that inspired the Graduation Cap Cake on the very top tier!  It's very easy and it's because of a YouTuber named MyCupcakeAddiction!!  I absolutely love these videos and have learned so much from them.  Here's a peek below!!

Please invest in the "Handy Gourmet Magic Cupcake Maker"! This product is so easy to use and cakes turn out great every time!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Tear Vial


I have always been a "cry baby",  "sensitive",  "in touch with my emotions".  In fact it has been one character trait that I have actively tried to change. I shared society's equation of tears = weakness.  Far too often I rapidly brushed tears from my face in fear of what someone thought.  Today I came across a beautiful verse.  Psalm 56:8 KJV- "Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?"  The imagery in this verse is so powerful.  But to appreciate it fully you have to understand the context in which it was written.  In this verse David was praying to God.  In that time the use of a  tear vial or Lacrimosa was a custom widely practiced, especially in Rome and Egypt. Tears were collected in times of mourning and placed in burial tombs as signs of respect.  Can you believe God holds our tears so dear that he saves them.  He has a special vial dedicated to our tears and he even has a book recording the accounts. Our tears are that sacred and powerful.  Have you ever been so hurt, so broken that all you can do is cry?  Do you remember a time you lay prostrate before God and wept?  I do.  I am so blessed by this verse and in the knowledge that my crying wasn't in vain.  It was not a sign of weakness or being substandard.  Do you remember the woman in Luke that washes Jesus' feet with her tears? Luke 7:38 KJV.  How sacred must our tears be?  Let's not forget tears of joy.  Or the tears shed when we get overcome with God's presence.  Tears = strength. ♥

I love the message in this song.  Especially the lyrics..."what if your healing comes through tears." Blessing by Laura Song.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Barnyard Birthday Bash/ DIY Birthday Milestone Poster

Birthday Milestone Poster made on PicMonkey
A lot has happened since I last blogged so I thought I would do a little catch up post today.  Well my little man turned one in October and he was blessed with an awesome birthday party at Hunt Club Farm.  Yeah I know he will not remember any of it.  But he will have plenty of pics and will know for sure how important that day was to a lot of folks.  Well I must confess I went a little bit overboard with planning his first shindig.  I started by making invitations on Picmonkey.
I was kinda set on having a Barnyard Birthday Bash so I was psyched when I found this great deal for a party on the farm for up to 40 people for $199.  Hunt Club Farm is awesome.  They included admissions to the petting farm, inflatable moon bounce, a nice sized room for the party and a gift for the birthday boy.  I was very pleased with how his party turned out.  We chowed down on chili with all of the fixins, fried chicken, mini pumpkin pies, cupcakes, candy apples, apple cider, mini glass bottle martinelli's for the kids and classic Cokes.  I drove my husband crazy with the task of finding a vintage wooden high chair for the birthday boy to have his smash cake in.  We finally found one for $25 on Craig's List the day before the party.  I found tons of party favors at the Dollar tree; Cowboy Hats, mustaches, bandanas etc.  The dollar bins at Michael's were gold mines as well.  They had barnyard activity placemats and barn favor boxes.

The birthday boy!

One last tip....making a Birthday Milestone Poster is a breeze with the help of PicMonkey.  Can't you tell I love PicMonkey.  Here's a simple DIY:

 First save a template of a chalkboard.  Here's one.
Then go to PicMonkey and edit the picture.  It's pretty easy from there on.   It's just trial and error.  Just gather up some fun facts about the birthday boy or girl and plug them in.  Save and go on over to OfficeMax and request an engineer print.  You can even download the file and send it online.  After that glue it on a foam board. I used a convenient glue stick and it worked out well.  That's all folks!  

Nosefrida.....This SnotSucker is the Truth!!!!

The Nosefrida SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator

Ok, I'm gonna get right to it.  The Nosefrida is the TRUTH!  It is the most effective, most "awesomly" awesome and totally GROSS baby care product!!!  It's ingenious, excellent.....every accolade available should be given to whomever came up with this invention.  I'm so's a lifesaver!!!  Last week my toddler had his first experience with seasonal allergies.  It was bad.  His red crusty eyes and nose weren't the end to his symptoms.  He was hacking up a storm and wheezing.  So I rushed my little one to the E.R., worried he was having an asthma attack.  Thank God they said his "wheezing" was actually snot hanging out in his throat (layman's terms of course).  I was so relieved but also frustrated because he can't blow his nose yet and that bulb syringe was of no help.  So my husband went on a hunt for this product we heard about a while back.  The Nosefrida SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator does just what the name implies.  With help from a brave mommy or daddy it sucks the snot up a long tube.  I'm not gonna lie my 18 month old did not like it.  I had to hold him down as I put one end against his nostril and I sucked from the other end.  Gross I know... but it was so great to see all of that gross mucous slide up the tube.  No worries, there is a filter that prevents mucous and bacterial transfer!!  So go out and add this product to your baby care product arsenal!!  This is going to be my go to gift for baby showers!  It's that great!!!

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